China strengthens air defenses with eye on India

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New Delhi, 22nd Feb, 2018: According to a World Instances report, China is busy upgrading air protection in its Western Theater Command — the strategic space masking safety alongside China’s mountainous far western border — “with the intention to confront any risk from India.”

The report states that photographs of Chinese language J-10 fighter jet and J-11 fighter jets conducting aerial fight coaching workout routines in western China had been launched by the Individuals’s Liberation Military (PLA), on February 13, two days earlier than the normal Lunar New Yr vacation.

“With India importing new jets, China will proceed strengthening its fighter jets within the Western Theater Command,” army professional Zhongping Track was quoted as saying.

This is considered critical in view of the final summer season’s territorial standoff between India and China in Doklam, close to the borders of India, China and Bhutan, analysts say.

By strengthening air defences, the Chinese want to send vital signals to India that future Doklams would not be easy. In view of India’s import of new planes, Chinese defense establishments are taking tough measures.
The J-11 jets are China’s reply to India’s Sukhoi-30 fighters. The report claims the J-11 are “three.5 era jets” and outclass India’s third era jets.

Earlier,China had announced that its latest home stealth fighter jet, the Chinese fourth-generation J-20, have become fight-ready. Dubbed as China’s answer to US F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters, the J-20 aims at enhancing the air drive’s general preventing capacity.

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