India has the worst 4G LTE speeds in the world

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New Delhi, Feb 22nd, 2018: The recently published The State of LTE report for February 2018 by OpenSignal has highlighted the average 4G LTE speeds across several countries including India. As per the OpenSignal report, 4G speeds in India are dismal and the country was ranked last on the list.

The report reveals that in terms of availability of 4G signals, India ranks fourteenth, with an increased 86.26 percent coverage of 4G, down from eleventh in November 2017. The growth is attributable mostly to the telecom boom after Reliance Jio jumped into the scene a couple of years back. El Salvador and Algeria were last on the list with 4G availability falling below 45 percent.

Singapore came first with an impressive 4G speed of 46.64Mbps on average, whereas India was ranked last out of 77 countries on the list, with an average 4G LTE speed of 6.13Mbps.

Singapore claims the top spot in terms of download speed,; South Korea ranks 4th; and the US 62nd behind regions like Vietnam, Uruguay, and Peru. Countries with the fastest LTE speeds plateaued around 45 Mbps, according to OpenSginal. Still, 4G speeds improved in certain regions of the world. 18 countries surpassed the 30-Mbps mark, and 60 percent had LTE speeds averaging 20 Mbps or greater.

As global the 4G LTE speeds have reached a new high, Indian telecom operators have to work a lot to match the global standards.

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