At 36, Anshu Gupta Becomes Dellywood Mrs. India 2018, First Runners-up

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Left to Right, Mr. Babla Kathuria Renowned International Fashion Choreographer and Anshu Gupta, Dellywood
Mrs. India 2018, first runners-up


New Delhi, 9th August, 2018: In a country where daughters are often taught that marriage, family and kids should always be their first priority and becoming a housewife often is the end of the road, Mrs. Anshu Gupta’s achievement is nothing but commendable! At the age of 36, when most aspiring women would hang their boots, she had her date with history when she was adjudged first Runner-up in Dellwood, Mrs. India 2018. Mrs. Gupta has proved Dream has no age.

At the age of 20, she was married to Delhi-based businessman. Blessed with 2 kids, Daughter Tanima (14) and Son Daksh (8), she still is out to conquer newer horizons. “Nearly 16 years in a successful marriage, I never thought about all this. I was always busy with my family and kids. I forgot all my dreams and I was not thinking for myself. But one day when I opened my Facebook, I saw a post of Dellywood Mr. and Miss India 2018 and Mrs. 2018 India audition. I was thinking should I apply or not and I applied. Though I was not serious when I was applying. But later I received a call from Dellywood for an audition and that moment for was amazing,” says the beaming beauty.

A Delhi University graduate, she won the title of Mrs. India 2018 First Runner-up and also Most Photogenic, Most International Look, Stylish and Most Bold Personality as well. Anshu Gupta made paragon to those women who think that fashion and beauty industry is only for unmarried women.

Journey in Dellywood

Mrs. Gupta recounts, “When I received a call from Dellywood, I was nervous because I never thought that my application form will be selected or I can be a part of Dellywood, But after registration for the first when I met Mr. Babala Kathuriya the International Fashion Renewed Choreographer and Mr. Vinod Ahlawat Founder and Chairman Of Dellywood and Mrs. Onam Ahlawat The show Organizer, they made me feel comfortable and they were very helpful for each and every one.”

 “Mr. Babla Kathuriya Sir made my life.” says Mrs. Gupta. ” He built my confidence and taught me how to love yourself.  During this beauty competition, My Husband and my family gave me love and support because without my family it is not possible. For me, my husband is my support pillar. Without Dellwood Team Mr. Babla Khathuria, Mr. Vinod, and Mrs. Onam, It’s not possible because these three people gave me wings to my dreams.”

“Dellywood gave me that Identity which I have lost. A big thank you to Dellwood and Team,” adds Gupta.

Babla Kathuriya is full of praise for Gupta.”Anshu Gupta is a very talented woman. She needs to recognize her talent. I have been in this industry for 26 years. I have seen there are lots of talented people in our country who stop dreaming because they have the myth that if you have good height and perfect body than fashion and beauty industries are welcoming you.  In Dellywood we are trying to give wings and fulfill their dreams,” affirms Kathuriya.

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